Patti succeeds... where others failed

Patti sells the most expired listings in Marin


If you’ve ever had your house on the market and it didn’t sell, you know how frustrating that can be. It’s like throwing a party and no one shows up. You’ve prepared the house, you’ve made plans for your next move, you’ve calculated how much you’ll net from the sale and you thought you selected the right agent for the job. Your listing expired!

The process of selling your home can be smooth, easy and profitable for you. After almost three decades and over 650 escrows, there are no surprises. I sell more expired listings than anyone in Marin County.  I have listed and sold over 175 properties which were previously listed with other agents. 

I’m the “fixer”. I excel at assessing what went wrong and then recontectualizing your listing so that it sells.  The problem is usually a combination of a few issues, whether it be price, marketing, preparing the house for sale, disclosures, or negotiating. In spite of the fact that your listing may be stale, I am extremely confident that I can and will sell it for you!

Why didn’t your home sell? 

I know how frustrating and disappointing it can to have your house on the market for several months for naught. After all that preparing, showing, and being inconvenienced, no one bought it! How could that be… isn’t this seller’s market? 

After successfully selling hundreds of listings that had expired with other agents over the past 23 years, I’ve found there are many reasons; and usually it is a combination of a few of them.  You have control of all but two of these reasons. I will guide you in repackaging your listing so that it shines and it sells. 

1. Your price is too high

While this is the most common reason for a home not selling, it is not always price.  Perhaps your prior agent was overly enthusiastic or incompetent at pricing. Perhaps you were. If you’ve priced your home too high, you’ve set yourself up for a number of obstacles to selling your home.  It will only get worse as time goes by. The correct pricing strategy is the most important and difficult task an agent can do. You need an experienced pro. 

2. Location, location, location

It’s all about location!  So much goes into location… schools district, traffic noise, unsightly buildings nearby, crime rates, and noise or the smell all affect how desirable the location is.  If you’re in a bad location, a good real estate agent may help to minimize some of the impact by suggesting improvements to the house. But the only really reliable way to overcome a bad location is with a lower price.  Simply put, an identical home in a bad location won’t sell for as much as the same home in a better location.

3. The condition of your home

The competition here is strong! The more you can do to make your home look appealing to a buyer, the better your chances for a quick sale.  Look at your home with a critical eye – put yourself in the buyer's position.  How does it look form the street? What about clutter? It is rare to see a home that does not have some clutter. Your best “bang for the buck” in improving the condition of your home are paint and flooring.  These updates don’t cost too much, and will usually make the biggest impact on buyers.  Staging works!  There are all levels of staging and I can suggest the best approach for you. 

4. Your marketing campaign is out of steam 

The best listing agents all use an aggressive marketing plan to market their listings. I’ve utilize a unique comprehensive 8 Tier program that includes professional photography, extensive internet exposure, open houses, innovative social media advertising, advertising, agent-to-agent marketing both locally, nationally and internationally… and much more.  Maybe your marketing plan and agent ran out of steam. 

5. Your home isn’t easily accessible

To not miss any buyer showings, it’s important that your home is easy to view.  Homes listed as being “lock box, no appointment needed” will get shown the most.  If a lockbox won’t work for you, we will figure out how to make it as convenient as possible for agents to show your home.  Travelling, busy buyers sometimes only have a small window of time to see houses. 

6. You have an agent from outside the area or one who nobody likes

It’s true.  If your listing agent isn’t liked or respected by other agents in your area, it could slow down the sale of your home.  If there are a number of good matches of listings to choose from, and one of them has been listed by an agent that is hard to get along with, or arrogant, or has otherwise made himself unpopular, well…  It’s just human nature to tend to skip over someone you don’t like.  Also, agents don’t want the liability of dealing with an agent that doesn’t specialize in the area and will avoid those listings when possible.


Here are some reviews from clients’ homes I sold after other brokers failed:


There should be a higher rating for Patti's responsiveness and negotiation skills! We hired her to sell our home in Kentfield after it had been on the market for a while. She was very easy to work with, had an incredible network locally of agents representing buyers who hadn't seen the house, and was able to not only get an offer when other agents couldn't - but she negotiated a $50k increase and it sold for over the asking price. After the offer was accepted she followed-through daily to make sure everything happened quickly and perfectly. I will plan on using her again!                                         
Jeff Leh, Kentfield 

Patti sold my house in a day!! She was highly effective and a great communicator and negotiations were quick. She is honest and will tell you what is needed to get the most for your house. I highly recommend Patti.
 Larain Matheson, Mill Valley 

From the beginning of the process to the end, Patti made our experience easy and almost fun. She is extremely responsive and brings creativity and imagination beyond what we expected. This made a huge difference. We sold our house (beautiful but in a challenging location) in 7 days!
Christophe Morin, San Anselmo

Patti did a great job helping get my property sold. After working with two other agents, Patti was skillfully able to get the deal done when it most mattered!                       
Greg Giachino, Mill Valley

Being an elderly man, she was very kind in every way.  … You are a very caring person and take time with your people. And you are a well-rounded lady and a great agent.  You have been of great service to me.
Hugo Hermann, Tiburon

Patti was an absolute pleasure to deal with - she has extensive knowledge of the market, has a high level of integrity, and was a pleasure to deal with. Thank you so much Patti for helping selling our home! :-)     
Jason Tong, San Rafael

We would highly recommend her to anyone and do so with no reservation whatsoever.  She's Good!                                                                                     
Tom Farrell, Mill Valley 

I asked Patti to list my home in Stinson Beach after it was previously listed with a local broker. I gave Patti 4 months to complete the sale and she got it done. She was relentless in her pursuit and kept pushing until the sale closed. I recommend Patti very highly. She is aggressive, resourceful and a masterful negotiator.
 Jeff Fetisoff, Stinson Beach

Patti is very personable and her helpfulness, thoughtfulness, confidence, wealth of knowledge & resources definitely put others at ease. She is great with people and can handle all kind of people including challenging client such as myself. We still joke and laugh about our first meeting. She is very intelligent & creative, definitely thinking outside of the box, making her always ahead of the game. I highly recommend Patti as a great real estate agent. Someone you can trust.
Elsa Ng, Novato

Patti handled our real estate sale in a very professional manner - she gave us very good advice which we followed. Our house sold quickly and for an excellent price. She was also positive and upbeat, yet realistic. She successfully negotiated the final terms of the sale. I highly recommend her.                 
Alexandra Cock, Corte Madera