For almost three decades Patti had been a trusted advisor and credible source to a multitude of publications and media, including the Marin Independent Journal, SF Chronicle,, KCBS Radio, SF Business Times, among others.

With an M.B.A. and being immersed in real estate for decades, Patti is astute at assessing market conditions and analyzing trends for Marin buyers and sellers. She is trusted with providing the Marin Independent Journal with the data for their weekly real estate watch column.

She also is a frequent Co-host to The Best of Investing on KDOW 1220AM Radio.

Marin home sales drop 5.9% in March

Marin home sales slump 5.4% in January

Marin median home price up 5 percent to $1.189M

Marin median home price up 23 percent to $1.144M

Marin median home prices up 8.7 percent in February

Marin home prices bubble up in August

Marin median home price rises 13.7 percent

Marin’s median home price returns to $1.2M peak

$47 million Belverdere mansion smashes records

Marin home prices jump 13% in November

Retro futuristic mid-century asks $3.599

Sf Home of the day

Marin monthly home price nearly $1 million

From litigation to renovation

Marin home buyers struggle with dearth oh homes on the market

Patti Cohn of Pacific Union Real Estate said she had a slightly different perspective on the Marin numbers, which she called “deceiving and erratic.”

“We are in a ‘table top,’ or plateau, market,” Cohn said. “That means we’re at the top, but prices are not going anywhere — not up or down.”

Cohn said she sees the market now “in an ‘affordability’ plateau,” meaning if prices fall 5 percent, demand will increase 10 percent. “It really is predictable and it makes sense.”

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